AANTIchi but never old-fashioned. We are in the heart of Rome. Our story begins in 1992. Since then we have crossed all the territories of Design.

We have chosen unknown, courageous paths. And when there wasn't a road we had to invent it. We have become stronger and more confident, just like our boys.

We have grown taller every day. We have taken root in a place where creativity has existed for centuries. The building that houses the Academy is located in the center of Rome. Its long history dates back to Roman times, when the area in which it is located was part of a large area that sloped gently from the Janiculum Hill towards the Tiber.

At that time the structure already housed forms of artistic activity linked to the working of clay. After undergoing constant transformation, in the early 1900s it became an important workshop for the production of security paper, stamps, and a printing house for the Bulletin of Fine Arts and the Catalog of Italian Art Houses. Later it was the site of an important paper-working industry. Centuries have passed, but thanks to AANT the building still pulsates with creativity.

And looking out of one of its windows you can admire a unique view: the magical lights of the Lungotevere, the pink sunsets that the capital offers every evening. Pure inspiration. We anticipate the times. A modern and hyper-technological headquarters.

Each classroom of the Academy is equipped with computers and the most advanced technological instruments to allow students to plan and implement their ideas with the support of the teachers. Tradition, innovation and new trends meet within our walls to trigger a powerful creative energy. We put effort, tools, spaces into it. But they are the ones who light the circuit, our boys. Enlightened eyes, voices to dance to, a great desire to become someone.

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