Accademia studioitalia

During last 30 years Studioitalia Academy is Italian teaching leader in Italy and in the world. We work on training learning projects, Italian language and culture for foreign learners in an innovative and stimulating educational context.

We cooperate with universities and institutes of Italian culture abroad. Accademia Studioitalia offers tailored student courses. Our job is to teach with passion, professionalism, innovation and the development of creativity at every level.

We want to convey a multicultural and multilingual vision of the world. We don’t teach the grammar of the language, we teach how to use the language.

We don’t focus on language because we are interested in the way how our students can communicate becoming part of italian society and culture. We use a gaming method in wich the student "forget" what they are doing (rule of forgetting).

Studying Italian should be fun, an activity that leads to an essential change in an individual's personality. At Studioitalia you learn by doing, rather than studying, it is training like in a language gym.

A goal that increases one's self-esteem and gives happiness.

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