The school

The AL DENTE school has been on the market since 2010. It is a private Italian language school that offers weekly lessons in Italian as a foreign language. Student groups at AL DENTE range from a minimum of two to a maximum of five adult learners. The programs follow the indications of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). We also collaborate with the best Italian schools in Italy where students and teachers regularly attend intensive courses.

teaching staff

The teaching staff is made up of seven graduate teachers, two of whom are native Italian speakers. All the teachers deepened their knowledge through language teaching and methodology courses both in Italy and in Poland. One of the teachers is also a second level DILS-PG certification as well as a CELI examiner. Another teacher has obtained the DITALS certification of the first level.

Pro bono activity

In addition to the above, the staff of the AL DENTE school lends itself to promoting the Italian language and culture free of charge. On a regular basis, open conversations with free admission are organized in public places in the city. During these meetings, various native speakers recruited by the school offer themselves free to anyone who wants to converse with them. Twelve native speakers and over 1,000 interested people attended the last event in the series.

For another project the school makes use of the collaboration with the Museum of the city of Lodz (Muzeum Palac Herbsta) where a guided tour in Italian is organized annually for the Italian community of the city.

For several years the school has had its own blog in which it makes free teaching materials available to students and promotes reading in Italian through a six-monthly campaign of reading proposals selected daily.

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