Italien ohne Sizilien macht gar kein Bild in der Seele: hier ist erst der Schüssel zu allen” – J.W. Goethe

Sicily and Palermo are for discerning and curious travellers who can appreciate the richness of a land that has been at the centre of western history for many centuries.

Here, in the architecture, in the traditions, in the character of people, in their music and literature, you can find the traces of all the greatest Mediterranean civilisations including the Phoenician, Greek, Roman Byzantine, Arabic, Norman, German, Frenche and Spanish people.

Time has tranformed all those influences in a very special medley called “Sicily”. Besides its culture and history Palermo is fantastic for its landscape too. The temperature is mild all the year round, people go swimming from April to November.

Our afternoon classes students go to the beach in Mondello, a delightful fishermen village and seaside resort, where they can spend their time in a very pleasant relaxing way during the summer. Palermo has a vibrant cultural life all the year round. Nightlife is full of cultural and Musical events, like outdoor theatre perfomances taking place in the streets and in the squares of the historical town centre.

Since 1984 DIAL has been a lively Cultural Centre in Palermo working as a language school. It collaborates with many important institutions, including the University for Foreigners in Siena, the Italian Foreign Ministry, the Presidency of the Sicilian Region and the City of Palermo for the promotion of the Italian language and the cultural heritage of Italy abroad.

Our Centre is located in one of the most elegant and lively streets in town, very close to a beautiful green area in the heart of Palermo, to the most important shopping areas and to Massimo and Politeama theatres.

Besides the regular language courses, we can offer you specific purpose courses in history, art literature, cuisine, and some vocational programs in ceramics, interior painting, Sicilian cooking. If you like Italian literature and especially Sicilian authors like Verga, Pirandello, Quasimodo, Sciascia or Tomasi di Lampedusa, we can offer you a delightful and evocative experiences as you relive and share in the feelings of great artists.

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