In 2009 two friends became partner and founded Dialogo Language Services, a centre of languages and tourist services in Turin. They both have a long teaching Italian and foreign languages experience.

Their little big school is based on common passion for foreign languages and cultures, they love Turin and the territory of Piemonte Region.

Dialogue Language Services wants to present itself as a small center to ensure a careful and tailored approach with its customers by creating a dynamic and sparkling work and study environment. Human relationships and mutual needs, that’s is the heart of the project. A school large enough to meet the needs of customers by offering its own professionalism.

The motto of Dialogo Language Services is: professionalism, flexibility and fun.

Professionalism: each one who collaborates with the school is highly qualified and specializedì. All courses and services offered to individuals and companies are carried out by professionals.

Flexibility: each course and each project are structured in order to meet the needs and objectives of students and customers, ensuring all its willingness to reconcile their needs with a program of study and work.

Fun: each course is characterized by a relaxed atmosphere in which the language is a tool of knowledge and communication, with a fun and playful approach, which allows you to enjoy the best of the culture to which it belongs.

The school is located in a very lively area of the city, frequented by many students from the nearby scientific and architectural faculties and easily accessible. The charming Parco del Valentino, just right in front of the school it’s a lovely place with its palace and t medieval village. We are in a place rich in winter landscapes and tempting leisure in spring and summer.

The classrooms of the school are colorful and lively, designed specifically to promote concentration and learning. Students can use an internet terminal, newspapers, books and dictionaries.

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