Magna Grecia Foundation is an international non-profit organization, operating in Italy and worldwide, with offices in Rome and New York. It was born from the heritage of relations, know-how and experience of the International Association Magna Grecia established in 1986.

We always have been involved in promoting the culture of Magna Grecia, both as an element of promotion of the Mezzogiorno and Italy in the world, as an element of bond and rediscovery of social and cultural roots for Italians abroad. People from the economic, political, entrepreneurial and culture world support the foundation.

Young people who want to gain experience in non-profit, public/private bodies and institutions contribute to projects and activities. Magna Grecia Foundation promotes the economic and social development of Southern Italy through actions and projects capable of aggregating and involving all persons, social partners, businesses and institutions concerned.

We promote collaboration between public and private entities in order to contribute to the economic and social development of the territories of Southern Italy. We carry out projects that can really affect the socio-economic development of the South in strategic sectors such as culture, tourism, research, work, business. We contribute to the legislative initiative both through the formulation of legislative proposals, and by developing debates, analyses and studies in the areas that most require an innovative or simplification process.

We carry out educational and editorial activities. We organize conferences, seminars and events

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