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Italian in Italy ETS (NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF ITALIAN LANGUAGE AND CULTURE SCHOOLS) is an association of Italian schools for foreigners that operate in different regions of Italy and aims to guarantee professional standards of associated schools, teaching methods and services for the students.

Italian in Italy ETS as a quality brand 

To be accredited by the Association, schools must comply with educational and professional requirements.

  • “Italian in Italy ETS” checks and guarantees that all information on associated schools is truthful and detailed

  • The teaching staff must be trained through a university degree and experience in this specific area. They are chosen for their professionalism, curriculum and personal qualities

  • Italian in Italy ETS guarantees that the classrooms are adequately comfortable, well lit and the structure has to comply with the law

  • The associated schools must ensure that the student can follow a class of a level appropriate to his / her linguistic competence verified with an entrance test

  • The associated schools, if the student requests it, must proceed to search for accommodation that is previously checked and selected by their staff

  • “Italian in Italy ETS” checks and verifies that the prices and offers published by the associated schools correspond to reality

  • The staff of the associated schools, in line with lifelong learning, must always be professionally updated and the 'Italian in Italy ETS' association, as a recognized training body, offers at least one refresher course annually for the teachers of the associated schools

  • The associated schools must provide students at the time of enrollment with all information relating to lesson times, legally recognized holidays and provide a 'welcome kit' to the calss and the school, as well as the main practical information about the city where the school is located

  • Italian in Italy ETS guarantees the student a contact person external to the associated school in the event of serious irregularities with the association's regulations

  • Italian in Italy ETS obliges the associated schools to constantly check that students are happy and satisfied with the service offered, both by the school and by the teachers, through the administration of anonymous satisfaction questionnaires

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