Lingua Più Associazione Culturale Centro Montessori per le Lingue was founded in 1998 is an independent and private school recognized by the Italian Public Authority and the Umbria Region as an Official Training Centre for adults and children in the field of foreign languages.

Lingua Più collaborates with many national and international organizations in the field of languages.

Just to name a few:

Lingua Più is unique in the world for its structured application of the Montessori Method in language teaching, not only for children but also with a different target group: 16+ adults.

More Language regularly participates in the "LLP Lifelong Learning Programme ", "EACEA" Erasmus +

Participated in the following projects as a key partner writing 3 manuals for teachers

- "Freestyle Montessori on The Job Learning - FROJOL" (2011 - 2013) a Leonardo da Vinci TOI on the application of the Montessori Method for 16+ in VET.

- "Montessori Methodology in Language Training - MMLT" (2012 - 2014) EACEA Transversal, on the application of the Montessori Method to the teaching of languages to adults.

- "Foreign languages for Senior Citizens" (2016 - 2017) Erasmus+ KA2 Partnerships for Adult Education by studying and collecting good practices on how to teach foreign languages to older citizens.

Montessori Method in languages weekly Italian courses for foreigners. Our high quality courses are suitable for every level and age group. Our methodology includes the immediate use of the target language for communication without forgetting the study of grammar. Informal environments, cultural tours, museums and so on in our wonderful region and in the fascinating neighboring regions (Florence, Siena, Rimini, Bologna, Rome, etc.). The school also offers a wide choice of pleasant activities.

Courses of Professional Italian

Thematic courses in Italy:




CELI exams on site

Full Immersion Program "La Bella Lingua" an unforgettable experience.

It is not just an Italian course but a total immersion in our culture. "La Bella Lingua" is a tour to improve Italian and also have the opportunity to meet Italian people and make new friends. Dedicated gay friendly programs.

Italian teacher L2 refresher courses based on the application of the Montessori Method to language teaching.

A - The Montessori Method for Adults in language training. It is aimed at teachers with students in the 16+ range.

C - The Montessori Method for children in language training. It is aimed at teachers with children from the age of two     link

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