Marco Polo Project

Directorate General for Students, Development and Internationalization of Higher Education Office V - Internationalization of Higher Education

Chinese candidates participating in the Marco Polo Project
Academic year 2019/2020
PHASE I: The students


Presentation of pre-enrollment applications

Starting from April 10th 2018 Chinese students participating in the "Marco Polo" Project submit the application for pre-enrollment in a degree or master's degree course chosen from among those for which the individual universities have set a reserve of places.

Chinese students who following pre-enrollment have to follow an Italian language course. It can’t last less than 10 months. For universities wishing to implement the 10-month Italian language course the deadline for submitting the application by Chinese students is 27 August 2018. The deadline for submitting applications by Chinese students is brought forward to July 30th 2018 when universities implement Italian language courses lasting 11 months.

Which courses to pre-enroll in

On the website of the Ministry of Education of the University and Research tou can find the list of courses with the corresponding reserve of places is published:


The dissemination of this information is also handled by the universities and by the Italian diplomatic representations operating in China in agreement with Uni-Italia. Information is hired by the student directly at the chosen University when the courses for which an admission test is required relating to the scheduling of places Medicine and Surgery, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine and degree and master's degree courses aimed at training as an Architect.


How to choose location for the Italian language course

Students have to specify both the University chosen for enrollment in the course of study and the university site they are interested in for attending the Italian language course in the application. They also have to indicate how long the course will be 10 or 11 months. The option must be selected in the online form available together with the aforementioned list of places. Students can enroll (in addition to the courses organized by the University for Foreigners of Perugia, University for Foreigners of Siena, Third University of Rome, University for Foreigners "Dante Alighieri" of Reggio Calabria and by the "Dante Alighieri" Society) to any courses of language at the chosen University and the latter, in its organizational autonomy, has the right to delegate the carrying out of this course to an external body or private language center of recognized quality with which it has stipulated a specific agreement.


Documentation to be produced

Students must produce the study documentation required by the diplomatic-consular Missions for the drafting of the declaration of value. For this academic year undergraduate students will be issued with the declaration of value only if they have a "Gao Kao" exam score of at least 400/750 in line with the information provided on the matter by the Italian diplomatic mission in China. For students from Hong Kong and Macao, not subject to the Gao Kao exam system, the study documentation must be submitted to the competent Italian consular authority which once validity has been verified will proceed to issue the declaration of value.

PHASE II: Representations and Universities

Transmission of the information sheet

According to the with Uni-Italia the diplomatic-consular Missions within 7 days from the end of the pre-enrollment periods, forward to the Universities and a copy to Uni-Italia via certified e-mail where possible an "excel sheet" generated by the Uni-Italia Database containing the requests acquired and complete with all the necessary elements indicated in the attached facsimile (Annex A).

The aforementioned documents are available at the internet address:

When the language course is taken in a different location from the one in which students will be enrolled in the university course the Representations also inform the University via e-mail that will welcome the student to attend the language course.


Subject to acceptance

While waiting to acquire the related study documentation universities accept with reserve all received applications. In due time they confirm to the Representations - and for information to Uni-Italia - by e-mail, certified where possible, of the registration.


Entry visa

After acquiring the documentation certifying the possession of the requisites provided for by the current legislation the diplomatic missions issue an entry visa to the interested parties with a validity date compatible with the terms for starting the Italian language courses indicated by the universities and resulting from the form referred to in paragraph I.3. They also deliver to the students the study documentation duly translated and accompanied by the required legalization documents and the declaration of value.


PHASE III: Further obligations

Residency permit

Candidates must submit the request for a residence permit for study/university reasons to the competent Police Headquarters of the city in which they intend to establish their residence.  Check on the website Link

It is also possible submit an application for the residence permit request before arriving in Italy by filling in the appropriate form with the assistance of Uni-Italia. The on-site request is forwarded to the competent institutions only for students who already have a study visa. Uni-Italia will provide for this purpose the information necessary for the completion of the procedure in Italy. 

Admission tests

Candidates have to do the admission tests to the chosen course of study according to the calendar set for all students on the basis of the dates established by the universities, or by the MIUR, in the case of admission courses scheduled at national level where required (see point 1.2 ).

Reassignment applications

According to the terms and procedures provided for all foreign students suitable candidates not usefully placed in the rankin, within the reserve available at the chosen university can do:

- request for reassignment to another course at the same University;

- application for reassignment to the same University or to another course at another University

It is not necessary to propose a specific request for reassignment on the same course in a different university site for nationally programmed courses Medicine and Surgery, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine and for degree and master's degree courses aimed at training as an Architect managed with the national ranking. According to inter-ministerial provisions for these courses "... the pre-enrollment application is also to be considered submitted for all the other universities indicated at the time of enrollment for the test".

Students who pass the tests

Upon successful completion of the tests students complete their enrollment directly in Italy by delivering the duly translated study documentation. It is legalized by the competent diplomatic representatives and accompanied by the declaration of value.

Students who DO NOT pass the tests

Students who do not pass the admission tests or who although eligible do not obtain re-assignment to another university or university course must leave Italy no later than the expiry date of the visa or residence permit for study except who have no other residence permit that allows them to legally remain beyond that date.

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