Marco Polo is a small family enterprise wich offers courses of High quality.

We paid attention to each students particular needs. Born as a home tuition centre, it is now organising group courses. Treviso is a small city, situated on the fertile plains of the region of Veneto about 30 km to the north east of venice. Know as the city of water Treviso is bright with fountains and canals.

The gently flowing waters of the rover Sile runa round the town wall and branch out through the cityh in a chorus of picturesque canals and brooks.

We offer: Individual lessons package: a package of 30, 20, or 15 individual lessons to be arranged accordingly to individual needs. A tailor made programme based on italian language tuition or any particular subject.

This programme is designed for students who combine interests for the language with the curiosity of the tourist Standard Course (max 8-10) and mini-groups (max 3-5): 20 lessons per week Junior programme: Summer courses and full supervised social programme; winter courses and skiing programme Residential and /or family accomodation.

Special stages to be added to the general ones sich as:

• Cookery

• Fashion and interiors

• Painting and art

• Mosaic

• Glassblowing, Lamworking

• Trekking in the dolomites

• Golf Accomodation is offered in private homes with carefully selected families, agriturismo, apartments hotel.

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