Pilgway The Pilgrim Way

January, 1st 2008

LIFELONG LEARNING PROGRAM – GRUNDTVIG Learning Partnerships (2008 – 2010)


The Pilgrim Way – Route To Cultural and Social Integration in Europe Partnership (PILGWAY) aims to increase the level of cultural awareness and mutual understanding between various nationalities in Europe. By walking minimal parts of different pilgrimage routes in Europe and working through interactive workshops and hands-on activities the project offered the possibility to appreciate different cultures, heritage and values ??which can promote mutual respect and tolerance. An important experience to strengthen European citizenship and the sense of belonging to the European Union.

The partnership explored the use of self-reflection as a tool and practice to help promote personal development, intercultural awareness and active European citizenship. The learning in this project touched a different part of being human. The project aims to help break down personal, cultural and social borders and develop contacts for European adult learners and is in line with the Lisbon strategy for which the knowledge-based economy requires citizens to be able to adapt to changes and to acquire the knowledge and attitudes that enable them to deal with a complex society. The idea of the project is to organize a calendar of participatory learning visits where students are exposed to key aspects of the culture, values and lifestyles of the different participating countries. Each visit is prepared by sharing information on essential aspects of the host partners' culture provided by the host organization and by carrying out a collaborative learning activity. Students are provided with basic information about the country to be visited through the use and implementation of Web 2.0 tools.


Aula Hispánica (Spain)

European Institute Denmark (Denmark)

Community Training Partnership International (CTP International) (UK)

European Association of Teachers (Italy)

Evangelische Erwachsenenbildung Niedersachsen (Germany)

The reformed Christian Church Slovakia (Slovakia)

Greta du Velay (France)

University of Sunderland (UK)

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