Coach 4 me

January, 1st 2013


The Coach 4 ME project is dedicated to teachers/educators who want to develop new skills and acquire field expertise using coaching methods in their daily work. Didactic experience and competence are already part of the formal education of the teacher/trainer, but other skills such as interpersonal skills, the ability to empower students and to lead heterogeneous groups or the ability to motivate are usually outside the scope of traditional learning path.

Main objectives:

help teachers/educators to improve their performance in the classroom and the achievements of their learners;

provide ways for teachers to continue their professional development;

improve teachers' skills and abilities to be able to face challenges such as lack of motivation, interculturality, intergenerational aspects, diversity;

adapt the competence and experience of coaches working in the business sector to the needs of teachers;

promote the use of coaching models among teachers for their daily work;

exchange good practices on coaching at European level.

In order to achieve the set goals of the project, the participating organizations involved silent partners from the business world. In this way the participating teachers/educators had the opportunity to learn about the coaching models of different countries with particular regard to those, which, giving excellent results in the business field, can be adapted to the educational needs identified as the target of the intervention. At the end of the project, a guide was born from the study, comparison and experimentation.


Nevsehir Universitesi Egitim Fakultesi (Turkey)

Speak Europe Language Club (Poland)

FUN&LEARN – Verein zur Forderung der Bildung und der sinnvollen Freizeitgestaltung (Austria)

Consorcio IdenTIC, Iniciativas para el desarrollo en Extremadura de las Tecnologías de la información y la Comunicacion (Spain)

SFI Soderort (Sweden)

North West Academy of Learning (UK)

Miosto simenntunar in Suournesjum (Iceland)

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