New technologies and linguistic communication

October, 17th 2016


Palazzo Vecchio – Salone dei Cinquecento

Also for this year "Italian in Italy", as a training body, participated in the drafting of the final document concerning the working group No. 3, which had as its objective "NEW TECHNOLOGIES AND LINGUISTIC COMMUNICATION: digital learning and new teaching methodologies”.

The final document led to the opening of the "Portal of the Italian language in the world" which will be presented on Monday 17 October by Vincenzo De Luca, Director General for the Promotion of the MAECI Country System. In this edition of the States General of the Italian Language, the five working groups dealt with the following topics:

Italian in the world and Italian-speaking

Strategies for promoting languages ??abroad and attracting students

New technologies and linguistic communication

The unique certification

Language, value and creativity

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