Italian in Italy at 4 weeks 4 inclusion

November 23th 2022

Italian in Italy is a partner of the British School Roma centro in the webinar "The inclusiveness and sustainability of Roots Tourism".

Pina Foti, founder of the British School in central Rome and of Italian in Italy, talks with Francesca Vitelli, president of EnterprisinGirls and Carlo Nofri, president of OSSMED - National Observatory on linguistic and cultural mediation and director of the San Domenico Higher School for Linguistic Mediators, associate of Italian in Italy .

Turismo delle Radici has a potential catchment area of ??80 million Italians who emigrated all over the world and their descendants: how to organize an inclusive and sustainable welcome? To participate in the webinar to be held at 17.00 it is necessary to register on the website

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